Best Saab Fleet

Who holds bragging rights to the “Best Saab Fleet in North America”? A knowledgeable panel of experts will recognize the top three at this year’s convention.

Many Saab enthusiasts pride themselves in having, not just one, but many Saabs in their garage or on their driveway. But what makes a collection, or fleet, the best? We suspect elements of a winning entry to include variety and rarity of models, visual condition, and certainly photographic presentation. Since the transport of multiple vehicles to SOC can be near impossible, even when you reside close to the venue, this provides an avenue for you to participate in an expanded way, even for those who cannot attend.

Select Your Best. Entries may contain three (3) to five (5) vehicles (all Saabs of course!) and must be accompanied by an entry form. Please review the contest rules and submit materials as follows:

  1. Create your own photo display board (no larger than 20” x 30”) and bring it to the convention... or
  2. Send photos of your fleet with titles and captions. We’ll prepare a standardized display board for the convention (for this option, materials must be received no later than July 30th).
Mail to:
SOC Best Fleet Committee
c/o Larry Beetham
658 E Phillips Dr. N.
Littleton, CO 80122-2863

Saab Photo Contest

In keeping with SOC tradition, a photography contest will be held with the following categories: Car Portrait, Impressionistic, and Snapshot. Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as determined by popular vote. Contest ballots will be included with registration materials.

Submissions of your Saab themed photo (3”x5” to 8”x10” in size) will be accepted at the event check-in and are limited to one entry per category, per registrant.

All winners will be announced at the Saturday Awards Dinner.

For questions regarding contest rules, please contact Larry Beetham at or 303-519-7641.

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