Event or Item Level Amount Sponsor Special Thanks To…
Commemorative T-Shirt Diamond 4,000 Mike Shaw Saab Mike Shaw
Commemorative T-Shirt Diamond 4,000 Tynan's Saab Sean & Ed Tynan 
Commemorative T-Shirt Diamond 4,000 Sports Car Service Bill Jacobson
Commemorative T-Shirt Diamond 4,000 Mile Hi Body Shop Jerry Danner
Saturday Awards Banquet Platinum 2,000 Red Noland Saab Red Noland
Concours d'Saab Platinum 2,000
Trophies Platinum 2,000 SCNA  Ian Glenday 
Official Convention Website Platinum 2,000
Friday Reception Entertainment Gold 1,500
Friday Reception Dinner Gold 1,500
Saturday Dinner Entertainment Gold 1,500  
Peoples Choice Awards Gold 1,500    
Thursday Sponsors Dinner Gold 1,500    
Rallye Plates Gold 1,500 Scanwest Autosport Rob Walden
Autocross Gold 1,500    
Convention Buttons Silver 1,000    
Promotional Posters Silver 1,000
Promotional Buttons Silver 1,000 Mike Shaw Saab Mike Shaw
Convention Program Book Silver 1,000 O'EM, Inc.  Brian O'Donnell 
Convention Signage Silver 1,000  A&B Import Auto, Inc.  Mark Ausbrooks
Chrisman Award Bronze 500    
Convention Banners Bronze 500    
Auction Bronze 500 Tom Donney Motors  Tom Donney
Convention Logo Bronze 500    
Observatory Tour Bronze 500    
Seminars Bronze 500    
Group Photo Bronze 500    
Registration Desk Copper 250 J.G. Service   John Goguen
Beer Tent Copper 250 All About Saab  Mel Thurber 
General Convention Fund voluntary Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be recognized!