The 2009 SOC at Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado promises to be one of the BEST Saab gatherings yet! With the hard-working members of the Rocky Mountain Saab Club and tremendous support from Saab USA, the Saab Club of North America and VSCNA we hope to attract over seven hundred attendees. Here’s an opportunity to indelibly write your organization’s name into the memory banks of the Saab community.

Hosting a gathering of this magnitude is no easy feat and would not be possible without your support. With sincere gratitude, we intend to acknowledge your sponsorship in a variety of ways throughout the convention and Saab owners are sure to reciprocate. Apart from the satisfaction of sharing in the SOC, there's no better way of effectively reaching your target audience than here. Consider supporting in the following ways:

Event Sponsorship

Sponsor Levels
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Benefits of Sponsorship Copper
Program and Event Recognition yes
yes yes yes
Commemorative Sponsor Plaque no
yes yes yes
Dinner at the Sponsors Banquet no no yes yes yes
Recognition at the Market Place Free Table no no no yes yes
Full Page Ad no no no no yes
Half Page Ad no no no yes no
Quarter Page Ad no no yes no no

Convention Program Advertising

Back Page Ad $400
Full Page Ad $250
Half Page Ad $125
Quarter Page Ad $75
Business Card Ad $50

Donate to the Auction, Marketplace or General Fund
Parts, apparel, and miscellaneous automobilia received will be sold at the Auction and Marketplace. These gifts as well as voluntary cash donations will be recognized throughout the convention.

For more information and questions, please contact:

Jerry Danner
519 Lipan St.
Denver, CO 80204

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