Denver, Colorado, USA

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Sunday June 3, 2001
What adventure could be complete without a few airline snafues? This time it was a thirty-minute delay at Denver International after we had boarded and taxied for take-off. Thirty minutes soon became indefinite as foul weather in Chicago temporarily closed O'Hare. After two more hours in the airport terminal I was again off for Chicago eventually landing at 4:45pm. As my connecting flight to Amsterdam had long since departed, I booked a KLM flight to Gothenburg, Sweden departing the following day.

So Chicago it was for 24 hours... and to my delight, an impressive city to get stuck in. From Enterprise I rented a terrific $45 mini van/hotel room combo and promptly asked for directions to the best pizza joint downtown. The unanimous answer was "Pizza Uno" on Ohio Street. Sunday evening the city was still abuzz with nightlife. Towering skyscrapers (dwarfing Denver’s), rich history, and a distinctive aura demanded that I park and hit the streets on foot to soak it all up. A passerby confirmed the earlier dining recommendation.

Pizza Uno was busy and had a great atmosphere. I grabbed a seat at the bar for my authentic Chicago experience (four beers, a personal Chicago pizza, and baseball). Next to me were a pair of financial advisors in town for a convention and opposite, would you believe it, a Saab owner! By 12:15am I decided I would not close the bar tonight. Off to my hotel-on-wheels where I found a quiet spot on Chicago’s well-lit streets. Until tomorrow, goodnight!