Denver, Colorado, USA

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Monday June 4, 2007
6:00am, coffee at Big Mag and then off to say “hello” to a few Saab independent shops in town. From numerous owners conventions I’ve come to know Kevin Henry, owner of Saab Tech. What a remarkable shop. He kindly offered the use of his shower as my mini van was not equipped with one. Before I could leave Saab Tech to visit my next acquaintance, in he walked. Fred Capella is the proud owner of perhaps the only turbo diesel Saab 9-3 sport sedan in the states. On many occasions he has come to visit Mile Hi Body Shop in Denver.

By 11:00am I departed for downtown Chicago which today was rainy and overcast. Sears Tower was partially shrouded in the clouds. Overhead the subway cars clicked and clacked just as I’ve seen in the movies. I returned my rental car at O’Hare, check-in preceded without a hitch and I was promptly off by 4:30pm. Ingred, whose husband passed away twenty years ago, passed the time with stories of her new love at 77 years of age. She now lives six months of the year in Chicago, the other in Germany. Talk about a long distance relationship! After taking in a movie (Wild Hogs) I’m calling it a night. Hope my baggage finds it’s was to Gothenburg!