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Tuesday June 5, 2007
Chatting with Ingred and the abbreviated night resulting from the international flight has meant little sleep for me. As I suspected, my luggage has not arrived in Gothenburg. For the sake of others, I hope it will catch up with me soon! The next item on my itinerary is to meet Paul and Myrna Bottone in Stockholm, a 6½ hour drive. Remaining alert with Sweden’s infamous moose population will be a challenge... are the Swedes known for strong coffee?

What a beautiful country! In this agricultural region, not a farm house or barn appears in need of repair and the neatly trimmed hay is like a dense green carpet. In the spirit of a re-badged GM, I’ve plastered my sluggish and uncomfortable rental Skoda (Czech. made) with plenty of Saab emblems. At first glance it could almost be a 9-3 sport kombi. Arriving in Stockholm, I became momentarily lost on my way to meet the Bottones. The Swedish folk are hospitable (and attractive!) and quickly had me on the correct route. A hot shower at the hotel was a welcome amenity before grabbing dinner at Under Bar, one of many restaurants in a fifteen-block-long tourist trap. As lamb dishes appeared to be the overwhelming favorite of the area, I chose lamb kabob and a $6.00 beer. Running on fumes at 10:45pm and no where near dark (sun down is likely past 11:30pm), its lights out for me!