Denver, Colorado, USA

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Saturday, June 9, 2007
As a full day of track events were on tap, the entire festival moved to a road racing circuit in Lynkkopp, a small town 45 minutes from Trollhattan. Infield were many show vehicles as well as festival attendees anxiously awaiting their own chance to lap the racing course. First up, early two-stroke models were directed on track followed by progressively later Saab models. A grand site to see for any Saab enthusiast, but soon overshadowed by modified class vehicles including one 700+hp Saab that absolutely made everything else look as if it were standing still.

Next up was the outrageous talent of the Saab Performance Team. Flying 180 degree turns, 360 and 720 degree spins, two-wheel maneuvers, close formation driving, and precision slalom passes are spectacular to see but can definitely leave you tense. One slightly miscalculated stunt resulted in a barrier impact only two feet to the left of Paul and I. Paul was able to capture the entire crash sequence on video before ducking for cover. With only a broken tail light and scuffed bumper, the driver continued with the demonstration as if nothing happened.